Are you tired of how everyone is trying to tell you how to become successful?

Try implementing these five daily positive habits that will get you one step closer to becoming that success story that you see for yourself!
Whether your goals are to become more physically fit, just feel more energized, or be able to accomplish more in a day, these are five things all of us can start doing today!

Tip #1 – WAKE UP early! – That old saying, “the early bird catches the worm,” is so dang true.  And something I personally enjoy doing every work day.  Waking up at 4am allows me to “wake up,” take my dogs out and get my mind ready for the day.  One trick I’ve found helpful is to put my phone in the bathroom so I’m forced to walk up, turn the light on and shut it off.  Then I’m UP!

Tip #2 – BLOOD WORK – Get your blood work done every 6-12 months.  Why?  Your body may be missing key vitamins/minerals that are allowing you to feel lethargic or less than pumped up for the day ahead
Tip #3 – GYM EARLY – Well you knew I’d say this, right?  But it’s true.  Getting to the gym early will help you set the tone for the day.  And it’s already out of the way so there’s no rushing to fit the gym in!
Tip #4 – WATER – Try to drink close to a gallon of water per day.  Personally I like carrying around my gallon of distilled water so I don’t have to keep refilling it.  But do what works easiest for you
Tip #5 – ACCOUNTABILITY – Ask a friend, colleague, trainer or family member to help keep you accountable.  Like the old “buddy system,” it can do wonders for morale and daily check ins!