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Longboat Key is the community situated on Florida’s barrier island with the same name. Located just south of Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key is split almost exactly down the middle so that half of the island resides in Manatee County, and half resides in Sarasota County. Longboat Key is a dynamic locale that is home to pristine Florida beaches and panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay. From some parts of the island you can see both the Gulf and the Bay, and at other points the island widens and accommodates multiple homes. Most of the Gulf side of the island is made up of stunning white sand beaches, and the southern point is home to the luxury resort, Longboat Key Club.

Detached single-family homes and condominium buildings occupy much of the land on Longboat Key. Properties are a mix of vacation rentals and permanent homes, as the island’s beauty draws tourists from across the globe, and coaxes many to set down roots in paradise. The price of real estate on Longboat Key can be quite high, as much as a few million dollars, but the easygoing vibe of island life, and close proximity to emerald ocean waters, softly swaying palm trees, and crystal white-sand shorelines make Longboat Key real estate an investment worth every dime.

Longboat Key contains multiple parks with garden paths, picnic tables, and recreational activities. A favorite among tourists and locals alike is Joan M. Durante Park. This 32-acre park is located on the Bay side of the island, and is comprised of sprawling wetlands and lush vegetation of mangroves, Live Oaks, Red Cedar, Sabal Palms, Banyan trees, and Mango trees.