North America has approximately 75,000 ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Most such individuals own more than one luxury home!

Marketing luxury property requires a different approach to marketing regular property because you’re targeting people with expensive taste and preferences. From the beginning, a focused strategy is needed to elevate the value of luxury property to attract the right buyer.

What constitutes an effective luxury real estate marketing? Here are seven tips that are often overlooked yet crucial.

Pay Attention to Detail

Marketing luxury property requires demonstrating that quality is everything. You need to refine all aspects of how you present your high-end real estate.

Ensure that your marketing products are flawless and that the landscaping is pristine. Proofread all your marketing copies because a simple typo determines how buyers perceive your property. Create an impression of exclusivity by giving descriptions of the most outstanding features of the property.

Create a ‘Mystique’ Around the Real Estate Property

The real estate luxury market is not all about distinctive features, but also creating prestige that inspires potential buyers to own the property. About 93% of all luxury home buyers believe that their property is the most outstanding on their block. Include features to prove that the house is actually the best in the area.

High-end buyers are more attracted to a lifestyle than just purchasing any property. Incorporate lifestyle marketing strategies when designing luxury real estate ads. For instance, if you want to promote the spacious size of the living room, you could mention how it is appropriate for hosting house parties.

Essentially, show the buyer how the property best suits their lifestyle.

Understand Your Buyer

Understand the desires and needs of your prospective buyers to avoid targeting wrong markets.

Educate yourself about the location by gathering accurate information about home features, local schools statistics, and materials used for construction. Focus on what they care most because that is the only way they will find your real estate appealing.

Get Involved in the Community

Community involvement is one of the best ways of enhancing PR coverage. Identify philanthropic causes that your target buyers find important and ensure that they also align with your interests. Also, attend marketing events and join local business groups.

Virtual Tours are Essential in Luxury Real Estate Marketing

Make the tour more exciting by adding music or sound. Buyers love virtual tours because they give them a taste of luxury lifestyle around the property. Such tours may also include providing photos.

Price Your Property Right

Pricing involves some level of psychology and strategy to make it right. Seek the services of an expert to estimate the value of your home. If not, learn buying trends in the area and research the prices of similar homes.

Invest in High-End Photography

Marketing luxury homes is all about perception. Turn on the lights and emphasize on fascinating details such as the fireplace mantle, floral arrangements, and lighting.

Avoid capturing shades and shoot both angled and close up photos. Clear away vegetation that blocks capturing important details such as paths and material used. For exterior photos, shoot long and focus on showing space.

If you use these tips for luxury real estate marketing, you will easily attract your target market within a short time. Contact us today if you are struggling to market your luxury home.