Selling a furnished home in Florida.

Pros and Cons of Selling a Furnished Home in Florida

To ensure the sale of your home is cost-efficient, practical, and fast, you need to decide on several details before putting up the ‘on sale’ sign. One of these aspects is whether you’ll sell the house with or without any items inside. Each of these scenarios has a good and bad thing about it, so make sure you think about what works best for you. To help you out, we’ve made the list of pros and cons of selling a furnished home in Florida. It will help you decide what to do with all the furniture and make this sale and move as smooth as it gets.

Reasons to have furniture in the house when it hits the market – The Pros

Let’s begin with a more common scenario – leaving the house furnished for the buyers. Depending on the condition of the house but also the demographic of the buyers at the moment, this can be a great idea. It can benefit both the buyers and sellers and here are all the reasons for it.

Buyers can imagine the life in your home

If the house is not empty and sterile, some buyers find it easier to imagine themselves living there. Furniture and details make a property a home, which can be more inviting for the buyers than an empty room. Staging the property before the sale will surely improve the atmosphere, ‘pushing’ some buyers towards an offer. Be careful, though, as this merely implies the furniture. Leaving too much of your possessions in the home during showings can have the opposite of the desired effect. This includes items like family photos, personal collections, et cetera.

It’s a more common scenario that gives better results

If you investigate the market a bit, you will see that furnished homes sell faster. If a house is filled with all the right furnishings, it will attract buyers much faster. Some buyers find it convenient to have some furnishing in the home when they move in instead of moving into an empty home. This is a perfect option for those who need to sell their home quickly, not thinking about the cost-efficiency of the sale.

It’s easier to relocate to the new home

One of the most substantial advantages of selling a furnished home in Florida is that you’ll have less to pack. This will shorten the time you need to move and reduce your moving costs. This way, you can hire a moving team to deal with your items easily and expect to lower the expenses of moving into a new home. Finally, the same thing will benefit the buyer–another reason they should decide on purchasing your home even faster.


The other side of the coin – The Cons of selling a furnished home in Florida

Naturally, everything has two sides. That’s why you should consider the cons of selling a furnished house before making the final decision. There are aspects of this kind of sale that sellers don’t find too beneficial. Here are the reasons that may make you change your mind about selling a furnished home.

Narrowing the list of potential buyers

Furnished homes can indeed sell faster, but this happens if potential buyers are looking for a home such as yours. If not, the furnishings can only narrow the buyer pool and make the house attractive to fewer people. This doesn’t need to be a deciding factor, as you only need one buyer to make this sale successful.

It’s not always possible to get the right selling price

If you think about how much money you’ve invested in that furniture, you might be disappointed when it comes to the selling price. It is often not possible for the selling price to cover the expenses that you paid when buying the furniture. But, if it is not the main point of the sale, this shouldn’t bother you a lot. If you are more into selling your home as soon as possible, maybe selling with furniture is a better idea.

Furniture may stand in the way

Sometimes, too many items inside a house can be an obstacle for buyers. They simply can’t imagine themselves living in that property or picture the décor style they would enjoy better. This can make them look further, leaving you without a perfectly good buyer.

Well, what’s the best way of selling a home in Florida?

To help you make the right decision, you need to go through all the aspects of selling a home. As you’re thinking of selling a furnished home in Florida is a good idea, you need to get into the mind of Florida’s buyers.

Firstly, consider the house’s condition and furnishing, and be realistic about it. See if the furnishings you are leaving in the house are increasing or decreasing the home’s value. Also, buyers want to see a clean, well-maintained, and pest-free home. Do a thorough clean and pest inspection before putting the property on sale. Next, you shouldn’t forget that location matters. If your home is placed in an attractive location, furnishings won’t matter a lot. Florida’s buyers love homes in areas that provide accessibility to main business centers, beaches, etc.  Finally, check if your home includes some features that can help buyers overlook the furnishings. For example, having a pool is always an advantage. Make sure to point out your home’s strongest features to help you decide if leaving the furnishing is a good idea.

After all, maybe the best advice can come from a local experienced real estate agent. Once you contact a professional who knows the area well, you can get more precise information on how to sell your home fast and get the best possible value. Agents know the listed homes in your neighborhood. But more importantly, they know a lot about buyers interested in homes there. So, they will be your best source of advice when it comes to deciding about selling a furnished home in Florida or not. Once you do all the steps right, you can be sure you’re on a good way to selling your home fast and getting the highest value possible.