We have received multiple inquiries of concern regarding the Red Tide in the Sarasota area.  Although a common occurrence in our, this years’ red tide has been more prevalent, and has received lots of media attention.  I recently came upon this article, and it is by far one of the most informative red tide articles I have came across: https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/news/redtide-florida/

As the Suncoast area finds itself in a “State of Emergency” due to red tide, there are other states experiencing the same issues:  Wisconsin for flooding, Hawaii for hurricane and volcanic activity.  As the year continues on, we will most likely read or hear about other catastrophic State of Emergency issuances, for tornados, winter weather, etc. in other parts of the country.  Luckily, we are seeing signs that the red tide is beginning to move out of our area, and hopeful our beautiful ecosystem can recover quickly.

When our area experiences issues, such as red tide, many people become hesitant to purchase in our sunny state.  There are many benefits to purchasing in the State of Florida.  Most notably is our amazing beaches and weather.  But from a financial standpoint, there are also benefits.  Florida has no state tax, and in comparison to some other states with year sound sunshine, is more affordable as well.

Whether you are hoping to purchase or sell in the area, there is no reason to not do so now.  We are approaching the busiest time of the year, as it begins to get cooler up north, and people flock to the south.  Contact us today to make your Florida dream happen!

“Oh, By the Way… I am never too busy for your referrals and so greatly appreciate them!”

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