In a recent study, 90 percent of homebuyers agreed that a home inspection is a necessity. Are you ready to sell your home? If so, are you looking for ways to minimize stress?

Wondering whether you should do a pre-sale home inspection? Here are 7 benefits of a seller home inspection.

1. Buyer Confidence

Handing a buyer an inspection report can help them feel more confident. Buyers have the tendency to skeptical about a home’s condition because they fear the unknown. You can also make your home stand out because buyers won’t have doubts about hidden problems.

2. Save Money

A pre-inspection can help you save money in the long run. Your home is likely to sell quickly if it is problem-free.

With a pre-inspection, you may found out your home needs costly repairs. This means you have to pay for repairs, lose a buyer, or have to lower your selling price in negotiations.

3. Help Avoid Surprises

Buyers will typically use the home inspection to ask for additional concessions. You don’t want to be hit with a large repair bill for something you could have known before listing your home.

A pre-listing inspection helps avoid surprises and additional concessions. There will still be negotiations but you and the buyer know exactly what you are getting into ahead of time.

4. Accurate Pricing

Having the right price is one of the most challenging parts of selling a home. Having a pre-inspection helps your realtor price the home in the market. An experienced realtor can have all the information ahead of time to make the most accurate price to sell your home quicker.

5. Avoid Renegotiation

If there is a serious issue found in a buyer’s inspection, the buyer will most likely want to renegotiate or may walk from the contract. This can lead to stress and more back and forth after you thought you were down.

Having a pre-listing inspection helps you avoid these situations and additional stress. Moving is already one of the top five stressful life events in life, so you should try to make this process as simple as possible.

6. You Choose the Contractor

You are in control as the seller if you have larger projects to fix. Choose the contractor of your choice instead of using someone the buyer wants.

Take the time to shop for the best price and get recommendations on the most experienced contractors. You want to be satisfied with the work, and you will have more time to get it done.

7. Do Your Own Repairs

If you find simple repairs, you can do them yourself. If the buyer’s inspection finds issues, the buyer will most likely request a professional to complete a job that you could do. This is because the buyer will want documentation that the repair is complete.

Convinced to do a Seller Home Inspection?

Having a seller home inspection can save you stress and money when you are ready to sell your home. No one likes surprises, and buyers want to feel good about their purchases.

Are you thinking about selling your home or buying a home? If so, contact us today— we would love to help you!