What is the difference between a home that sits on the market for months and a home that sells quickly? If factors, such as pricing and location, are similar, then staging is the likely answer.

A well-staged home looks great and attracts potential buyers. Conversely, a property that doesn’t go through staging struggles to draw in prospective buyers.

When you are selling your luxury home, staging is crucial. A potential luxury homebuyer may have unique perspectives and preferences. Thus, the staging strategies for this type of property are different from ordinary homes.

If you are planning to stage your luxury home, keep the following reminders in mind.

Sell a Lifestyle, Not Just a Home

Homebuyers shopping for a luxury home are looking for a certain lifestyle. Make sure to allow the lifestyle of your property surface during staging. If you’re selling your waterfront home, for instance, you may decorate your property with water-inspired art. When your home offers a spectacular view of the water or the sunset, arrange the outdoor furniture in a way that draws the eyes to that feature of the property. The bottom line is that you should sell more than just a home.

Decorate with Original Artwork

Original artwork can make a home stand out. When buying artwork, look for a local artist who can produce a piece that suits your property. Custom art makes the space in your home feel luxurious. Moreover, you can use the custom art pieces as a negotiating chip by offering the original art with your luxury home to raise the price.

Create a Comfortable Setting

Emphasize the comfort afforded by your home. Features like quality bedroom accessories and soft bed linens help homebuyers feel like they can unwind and curl up comfortably in your home.

When it comes to bathrooms, make this area of the home feel relaxing and luxurious by hanging plush robes as well as using candles and scented oils to create a spa ambiance.

In decorating other parts of your home, choose accessories that give off a subtle personal touch. The right accessories help make your home appear carefully cultivated to pull off a certain look. If you plan to invest in accessories, always have comfort in mind. Lush rugs, blankets, and throw pillows are some of the accessories you can use to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Keep the Paint Colors Neutral

Apart from lifestyle and comfort, another important factor to consider is neutrality. Buyers should feel that they’re walking into a luxury home that satisfies their needs, and not one customized to the preferences of the original owner. Thus, resist the temptation to paint striking or vibrant colors on your walls and select a more neutral paint scheme. Neutral colors form a natural backdrop that makes the best features of your home shine. Using neutral colors also makes the space appealing to a wider range of people.

Minimize Any Strong Smells

Once you put your home on the market, make sure that you watch what you cook, as lingering odors can discourage homebuyers. Consider the day-to-day smells that you may be taking for granted. Besides cooking odors, minimize other smells such as tobacco smoke and pet odors. Buyers will notice these smells right away, and a luxury home is assumed to smell clean as much as it looks clean.

If you want to deodorize your property, air out your home by opening the windows. Consider planting fragrant flowers, as well, to mask the odors.

Eliminate Clutter

There must be no trace of clutter when staging your luxury property. Get rid of the clutter by packing away family mementos, such as family photos and artwork created by your children. Clear away the mess on bathroom and kitchen countertops, except for a couple of decorative items.

Lastly, clean out the drawers, cabinets, and closets and leave only the essentials. The main goal is to show that your property has an open and free space. It makes buyers feel that your home has adequate storage.

Make Use of the Lights

Once you finish getting rid of the clutter, brighten up the spaces in your home. A space looks larger with ample overhead lighting. When showing your luxury home to prospective buyers, turn on all the lights and open the shades. Utilize lighting to bring out your home’s best features.

Update the Kitchen

Luxury homes need a luxury kitchen, so take the time to update your kitchen. You may begin by investing in at least one high-end kitchen appliance, such as a modern refrigerator or full-feature oven and stove, and upgrading your other outdated appliances. Moreover, if you plan to remodel your kitchen, choose materials with a universal appeal and neutral palette.

Don’t be afraid to invest in new kitchen gadgets and remodel your kitchen. An article by HGTV notes that home sellers can recoup at least 90 percent of what they spend on a major kitchen remodel.

Avoid Overcrowding an Area with Furniture

Refrain from placing too much furniture in any one area of your luxury home. Even if you somehow manage to arrange every piece of furniture properly, it would make the room feel cramped and small. When arranging your furniture, remember to create a natural flow of furniture pieces. It will help you guide your buyers through your luxury home.

Organize the Space in Your Garage

It’s possible that some of your potential high-end homebuyers may have at least one luxury vehicle. Thus, you need an organized, decorated, and well-appointed garage space. Give your garage a makeover by replacing old cabinets and shelves, organizing the storage space, and painting the ceilings and walls.

There’s a lot of work involved when you’re trying to attract potential homebuyers. If you need further assistance selling your luxury home, turn to Shayla Twit. As a reliable and experienced sales professional, she will help you stage your home and arrange property showings. Moreover, she provides the best possible service to all her clients, as her goal is to become the preferred realtor of clients for life.

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