How to Make Your Florida Home More Energy-Efficient

If you plan to renovate your home, you should consider making some minor changes to make it more energy efficient. Even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. You will not only be helping the planet, but you will also be able to lower your bills. Often people think that making their Florida home more energy-efficient will cost them a lot of money, but it doesn’t have to be the case. You can make some small changes in your home that will not cost you a fortune. If you are new to this, you probably don’t know where to start. This is why today, our team will give tips on making your Florida home energy efficient. Once you start, you will never go back to your old ways. So, let’s get started, shall we? 

You will benefit a lot from making your Florida home more energy-efficient

Making your home more energy efficient has many benefits. You are helping the planet, lowering your bills, and adding value to your home. Today more and more people are looking to buy homes that are energy efficient, and they are willing to pay a bit more for these types of homes. Therefore, if you plan on selling your home, making some small changes will significantly increase your home’s value! 

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Seal your windows and doors properly

One of the small but significant changes you can make in your home is ensuring that your doors and windows are adequately sealed. If the air passes through the drafts, you need to fix that ASAP because you are wasting energy when cooling and heating your space. Once you fix this, you will see a huge difference. The best part is that you can fix this on your own. There are many DIY videos that you can look up online on how to do this. But if you are not handy, you can contact a professional. They will do this swiftly and efficiently for a fair price. 

Replace your AC with ceiling fans 

Having an AC in Florida is a must! The heat and humidity make it impossible not to have AC in our homes. However, instead of using the AC in the entire home, you can install ceiling fans in some rooms. For example, get one for your bedroom and turn it on during the night. You will see a huge difference in your electricity bills, that you will want to switch to the fans in some other rooms in your house too! 

A fun fact is that the heat cannot be destroyed. Therefore, the AC is just pushing the hot air outside. This is not good for the environment since it is causing the “island effect”. The island effect is when the cities are hotter than the rest of the environment around them. Many other factors cause this, but the AC is one of its top contributors.

Install solar panels

Do you want to cut your electricity bills in half? Then consider installing solar panels. This will not be cheap, but you will gain a lot long term! By installing solar panels on your home’s roof, you will get free energy from the sun! On top of that, this is one of the best ways to make your Florida home more energy-efficient. Florida is known to have a lot of sunny days, but even on a cloudy day, solar panels work! You will be able to power your appliances on your own. Since this is a clean, renewable energy source, you will decrease your carbon footprint! On top of that, there is a possibility of selling the excess energy that you are producing to your energy supplier!

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If you are moving to a new place, start looking into solar panels as soon as you find a reliable moving team with the help of the moving brokers from There are different kinds of solar panels, and they all have different prices. So make sure to find the best ones that suit your needs and future home! Once you relocate, you can start renovating and let the installation process begin!

Use your washer and dryer during the night 

Small changes in habits can make a huge difference. Therefore, consider washing and drying your clothes during the night. Another thing you can do is choose shorter cycles to wash your clothes. The same goes for your dishwasher. Instead of using your dryer all the time, consider installing the clothesline. This is the old-fashioned way of drying clothes. In Florida cities, your clothes will not take too long to dry due to the hot weather. You will see that just in a couple of hours, everything will be completely dry! You will use less energy during the night and pay less at the end of the month


If you are still using old and outdated appliances, one of the ways to use power more efficiently is to buy newer models. Store the old ones in a storage unit until you decide what to do with them. You can either sell the electronic parts or recycle them. Just make sure to find the right facility with maximum safety. Old appliances use much more energy than newer ones. Moreover, many brands have added eco features to their devices.

Unplug your chargers 

Many people don’t know that if you don’t unplug your charger, it continues to draw power even if your phone is not attached. This is why if you are not charging your phone, tablet, kindle, camera, or anything similar, make sure to unplug your charger. 

Change your lightbulbs

Another small change you can make to make your home in Florida more energy efficient is to switch your old lightbulbs to LED lightbulbs and downlights. In fact, LED bulbs are much better for the environment and last ten times longer than simple ones.

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Make sure to switch to led lightbulbs.

These are just some of the things that you can do to make your Florida home more energy-efficient. There are many other things that you can do, but you can start with making these small changes and then make the bigger ones. Make the right decision and start making the change today! If we all make a small effort to improve our homes, we will help our pockets and our planet tremendously!

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