A beachfront is one of the home features that every Florida buyer wants

5 Home Features That Every Florida Buyer Wants

Low taxes, fewer restrictions, and a marvelous source of vitamin D are what make Florida a blooming garden of real estate. A lot of buyers want to live here, and they are willing to pay for it. However, there are certain home features that every Florida buyer wants. If you can provide them on your property, there’s a high chance it will increase the overall value of your home. 

1. A nice kitchen in step with the times

It’s always been known that a kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the house. So, it’s no surprise that one of the house characteristics buyers in Florida seek most is – a contemporary kitchen. It is almost impossible to quickly sell a perfect property in Florida if it does not have a contemporary kitchen. According to a majority of buyers, it should feature an open floor plan that incorporates the most recent design trends in flooring, worktops, and storage space. Some of the best picks are:

  • hardwood flooring that is water-resistant
  • counters and islands made of granite
  • trendy cabinets painted in vibrant colors.

The presence of these amenities is likely to result in a price increase for the property. 

2. High-quality windows and doors

One of the blunders you want to steer clear of with real estate in Florida is making the error of not paying sufficient attention to the doors and windows. Homebuyers who use sound judgment opt for windows and doors that are impact-resistant. They want to be absolutely certain that they are protected from hurricanes and storms as soon as they manifest themselves.

Let the light in

At the same time, they want the doors and windows to be of sufficient size to allow in sufficient amounts of natural light. According to the experience of experts at Pro Movers Miami, great lighting is a great deal maker in Florida. The most recent technological advancements are responsible for the creation of versions that are even capable of controlling the temperature inside.

3. Energy sufficiency is one of the home features every Florida buyer wants

The state of Florida’s homeowners gives environmental consciousness a high level of importance. Prospective purchasers want to ensure that the houses they purchase are energy-conscious and efficient. In addition to that, they want to see places that are capable of creating their own energy. For example, solar panels are enjoying an ever-increasing level of consumer demand, making them an unquestionably worthwhile investment. It makes perfect sense for property sellers to include them, especially in a place like Florida, where there is a significant amount of sunlight.

Additionally, an energy-efficient appliance package is one of the qualities of a house that prospective buyers in Florida look for the most. Buyers love washing machines and dishwashers that have cycles that use less water to complete. Also, refrigerators that spend less energy on cooling down will be a bonus in a property that needs to be sold fast.

4. Smart is the new sexy

In recent years, millennials have taken over the real estate market. Therefore, smart home features are not a luxury anymore but a necessity. Features such as central heating, air conditioning, and security systems are no longer sufficient for people’s expectations in today’s market. They want smart houses. Cameras, sensors, voice commands, and the ability to manage almost anything are just a few of the fundamental features that can be found in smart homes and are available to the homeowners of these houses.

But it doesn’t end there. Buyers now want their smart showers to be put in bathrooms. They want to be able to listen to the same music in every section of their house, and they want their coffee machine to turn on by itself and greet them with freshly brewed coffee every morning. Living in a smart home clearly offers more convenience, and Florida buyers are willing to pay a premium for this amenity.

5. Last but not least – landscaping

It is crucial for many individuals to spend time outdoors with the ones they love, and you should count yourself fortunate if you can do this in your own garden. Backyards are pretty useful in Florida since the weather makes it possible to spend most of the year outdoors. Spectacular curb appeal will unquestionably entice a wider variety of buyers for a residential property. In addition, the Florida climate is favorable for a wide variety of trees and plants, which simplifies the process of landscaping. All of this can result in some stunningly gorgeous backyards that can significantly increase your home’s value.

Since a good view is one of the house qualities that buyers in Florida prefer more than anything else, it goes without saying that residences that look out over the water or mountains are constantly in high demand. Since not everyone can participate in that market, exquisite landscaping is unquestionably an excellent strategy to attract prospective purchasers.

People have come a long way for these features

Since Florida is home to great long-distance movers and transfer is not a problem, a lot of people from all around America don’t hesitate to jump into good purchase opportunities. Features like solar panels and impeccable landscaping are the best in Florida. Therefore, to those that find great value in them, they might be the greatest reason to move a long way for a lot of buyers.

Final thoughts

In the real estate market, the wishes of the buyers are what dictate the whole current of the market and prices of properties. The secret to making a good deal in the real estate world is listening carefully to those wishes. If you are an enthusiastic seller, you should definitely take into account these five home features that every Florida buyer wants. The more people want what you have to offer – the more they will pay for it. By incorporating some of these into your property, you can put your home in a higher spot in the market. 

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