It is becoming apparent that our stalled seasonal buying market in Sarasota and Longboat Key has shifted into high gear.  To say that buyers have rallied would be an understatement.  The problem is, year over year, the combined inventory in both Sarasota and Manatee counties has decreased by 24.8%, a historical low.

The high demand from buyers and week-over-week sales continue to outpace even our early 2020 numbers.  With sales exceeding new listings, inventory will stay low and prices will stay up.   Given the uncertainty of how a prolonged COVID-19 pandemic will affect travel plans for residents of Canada, our Canadian snowbirds are choosing to sell their US real estate to “cash in” on the gains of an appreciated property and for a stronger currency.

Canadians selling in the United States can encounter special difficulties.  That is why you need me – an expert Realtor with a network of professionals who can help you navigate FIRPTA obligations, keep your property safe and secure during the sales process and always be available to you despite the distance.

Listing your home for sale now holds little downside with inventory at these low numbers.  Selling may be the best move to make this year.  Call today 941-544-7690 at or email me and let’s talk about the opportunities and options!

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