Thinking of upping sticks and moving your family to Sarasota County?

You’re probably wondering what the local schools are like and worrying about whether or not your kids will enjoy living here.

Luckily, there are some great schools in Sarasota, with something to cater to every child, whether they’re exceptionally gifted or passionate about music and art.

Keep reading for a summary of the best Sarasota County schools.

1. Pine View School

Pine View School for the Gifted, to give the establishment its full title, is a public, college-preparatory school located in Osprey.

It’s the only full-time program in Florida that takes intellectually gifted students from elementary through high school level, and entrance is pretty competitive.

Not only does the school help students to perform to the best of their academic ability, but it also features extracurricular activities including Drama Club, Model UN, and National Honor Society.

If you’re looking for the right school for your gifted child, look no further.

2. Fruitville Elementary School

Fruitville Elementary School is consistently rated as above average when compared with other schools, in terms of both grades and serving disadvantaged pupils.

No matter what your family background, you can be confident that your kids will get the best possible start in life by attending Fruitville Elementary.

As well as the usual academic subjects, the school has great programs for both art and music, ideal if your child has a creative side you want to encourage.

3. Lakeview Elementary School

Lakeview Elementary is another school which rates above average, and at a student-teacher ratio of 14:1 you can be sure that your child will get the attention they deserve.

The curriculum is challenging and engaging, which guarantees that your child will enjoy coming here each day.

Parent involvement is highly encouraged, so this school is a great choice if you’re ready to jump in and become a part of the community. Get ready to join in with a lot of bake sales!

4. Ashton Elementary School

Grades at this school are far above the state average, making it an excellent choice for any parent who wants their child to excel.

It’s a large school with over 900 hundred pupils, but that doesn’t stop teachers from working hard to form an individual bond with each child.

The curriculum features English, Maths, Languages, Social Sciences, and Physical Education, so you can be sure your child is getting a well-rounded education.

Gifted programs are available, so it’s a great choice for kids who are already showing signs of greatness.

Why Get Excited About Sarasota County Schools?

Sarasota County Schools are a great reason to move to the area. With excellent test scores, great programs for gifted children, and many opportunities for parent involvement, you’ll wish you’d moved here earlier.

If you’re still nervous about putting your kids into a new school, why not arrange a visit? Your mind will soon be put at rest.

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