Imagine the sound of waves lightly crashing on the shore that you’re lounging on; toes in the warm sand; sun on your bare shoulders; distant laughter in the background.

You pack up your towel and book, and with sandals in hand, you walk a few yards to a beautiful, spacious beach condo. You search for your key; you open the door.

You’re home.

Taking a clean, cool shower immediately after enjoying the beach? Now that sounds awesome, like a vacation made reality.

Sarasota is a wonderful place that boasts having the #1 beach in America as of 2017 (and when not #1, very close); an island feel in a community environment; at least six specialty craft breweries; and a huge variety of fun, eclectic, homey restaurants to choose from.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve done this before, knowing a few key tips can always make the process easier.

Let’s see how.

Buying the Perfect Sarasota Beach Condo

Don’t be like 41% of renters who wish they would’ve bought instead.

Instead, find something that is precisely tailored to you and your lifestyle. Then make the investment. Here are four things to think about.

1. Ask Questions

This seems obvious, but we still like to encourage it. There’s nothing worse than going home from a meeting and replaying all the things you wish you would’ve asked.

Prepare a list of your most important questions and don’t hesitate to ask them. Questions about quality of the area, grade of the schools, and job prospects. And then specific ones about the state of your condo, too.

The more knowledge you’re armed with, the better you’ll feel about making a well-informed decision. You can use this to your advantage when negotiating your purchasing contract.

2. Location is Key

Sarasota has something for everyone: artsy districts; bustling downtown life; quiet seaside escapes; historic land areas; and golf communities, to name a few.

Sarasota has options galore. If you’re not an expert on the area, maybe you should consider hiring one. On to the next tip.

3. Get an Agent

It never hurts to have a dedicated real estate agent in Sarasota that knows the area, knows the people, and can direct you to the perfect location with little effort.

Experience is key to choosing a spot you’ll love for years to come. Pick the brain of an experienced, professional agent. No questions left off the table.

4. Go Bigger

In the same CNBC study that found renters remorseful at not buying, 33% of people wish they’d bought a bigger place!

That’s not half, but it’s close enough for us. Consider going a little bigger. Plan for life’s unexpected moments: in-laws are visiting!? New baby on the way? Buying a pool table?

Go big. Then go home.

Moving Day

You’ve already made one awesome decision: the choice to move to sunny Sarasota, a city that has art in its DNA; is a mecca for tourists and residents alike, and has been making waves since the early 1900’s.

Your next decision is a little harder but no less exciting.

As long as you’re diligent in getting second quotes, comparing and contrasting, and doing your fair share of research, Sarasota has so much to offer in the way of a classic beach condo. There is no one style or location: choose downtown or beachside; historic or modern.

If you need any more help on your condo-buying journey, let’s talk!