6 Helpful Tips for Making A Long Distance Move with Kids


It’s no wonder why parents feel nervous when they think about moving with their family. There’s so much to do, and still, your daily tasks won’t go away until you prepare for the relocation. Kids still need constant attention and care – no matter how many boxes you need to pack. This is where the feelings of confusion and being overwhelmed kick in. Luckily, you can avoid it this time. If there’s an upcoming relocation in your schedule and you’ve got kids to handle – this is a guide for you. Here are the main six tips for long distance moving with kids – everything you need to know for a smooth relocation.

1.      Preparation is the key

If you want to have a relatively easy relocation, you need to prepare everyone in your household for it. It’s not as easy as simply preparing your Florida home for sale – you need to take care of people around you. Due to their young age, kids often don’t want to accept that they need to leave their home. If they are in school, they could also feel sad about living it, along with the friends they have there. That’s why you need to do the mental preparation for this big step. Begin as soon as possible. Gather and talk about the upcoming changes and what they will involve. You can expect both happy and sad feelings here. Either way, it’s essential to handle them with patience and understanding. Stay calm, and make sure you answer all of their questions.

It’s also important to pay attention to your kid’s reactions after telling them about the move. Certain kids go through a lot in such situations, leading to sleep disorders, anxiety, and even aggression. These are all the signs you need to react to as soon as possible and try to help them overcome.

2.      Get all the help you can

Doing everything on your own is possible. However, when you are faced with long distance moving with kids, it’s better to get all the help you need. If your parents are in town, ask them to help you with babysitting. Hiring a babysitter, especially on your moving day, is also a great idea. You’ll have someone to take care of the kids while you do all the packing, deal with movers, etc.

Ask friends to assist you with packing – just be sure to use the safest packing methods and supplies to keep everything in place until it arrives at the new Sarasota home. If there’s no one to help you out, you can always require extra packing services from your moving company. It’s probably the best way to save time and energy in the process.

3.      Hire trustworthy movers

There are so many moving companies in the moving business. This can be helpful, as you can find a good mover much faster. However, the number of low-quality moving teams increased as well. And when you need someone for long distance moving with kids, you need to pick only the top moving companies. Take your time to research so you can make the right choice and be able to rely on experts for this move. You don’t need any stress related to your moving team, so be sure to hire someone who has the experience and hundreds of satisfied customers.

4.      Pack your kids’ rooms last

It’s best for your kids to have their toys, books, and clothes as long as possible, so it’s best to put off the packing of their rooms for a while. Deal with other rooms first. This will help them feel settled longer but also have something to do while you do other moving tasks.

5.      Pack together

If your kids are involved in the moving process, they will experience the changes with ease. Imagine if you had to move without any involvement in the process – it would be frustrating, wouldn’t it? Try to include the kids in packing, decluttering, cleaning, and making decisions. If they see they are the ones to decide some things about their new room and house, they’ll feel valued and therefore happier about the whole thing.

Also, when it comes to packing, try to make this a relatively simple process by decluttering and organizing first. Sort out the toys and clothes, and see if some of them are not necessary anymore. There are probably many lost toy parts, broken pieces, old and worn-out clothes that it’s better to recycle than pack for the move. Also, if you’re moving to Florida, you might not need all those winter clothes anymore. Donate or give them away! Then, sort out the rest of the items into categories – you can do this by the item type or simply by the place each item goes. This will simplify the unpacking process, as you’ll be able to unpack in sections. Finally, don’t forget to label all the boxes – use a sharpie to write what’s inside and the room it should go to. Movers will know precisely where to put it, and you’ll have less mess after you arrive at the new house.

6.      Stick to the routines

Even for adults, daily routines help us feel safe and stable. This is why you should insist on your kids’ routines as much as possible. These can include their eating habits, bedtime, etc. Routines will minimize the feeling of things changing and help the kids feel safer and less nervous about the move.

Finally, one bonus tip is to handle their feelings well when the moving day arrives. Long distance moving with kids can make them feel sad about leaving their friends, neighbors, or school. Maintain a positive spirit, and let them know that they can still keep in touch even after you relocate. Also, prepare some fun things to do on the road, so they could feel a bit better about leaving. Snacks, games, and music – let this be the most exciting travel ever!