Your home is in a prime location. It sits next to or near the water, boasting high-end interior finishes and a fitness center to boot. It’s got a unique pool, brand new professional-quality kitchen appliances, and more.

What you’ve got on your hands is a luxury home. And who better to sell your precious abode than luxury real estate agents?

Luxury home buying and selling are much different than your average market. These homes hit high dollar marks for their prestige, exclusivity, custom features. You need someone who knows the market — and knows how to market.

Once you’ve done your pre-sale sprucing — upgraded the front door, installed a new mailbox, hired professional landscapers — the next step is hiring an agent that knows what they’re doing.

Without an expert, you could see your house sitting, price dropping, with no prospective buyers. This leaves you in that unnecessary limbo where you may be paying two mortgages at once — your old home and your new one.

Here are seven important qualities your luxury real estate agent needs to get your house off the market — and you to your next stage of life!

1. Industry Recognition

If your agent is well-known, recognized, and awarded, then you can almost guarantee they’ve done their job well in the past. Ask your agent if they’ve received any awards or accolades for their performance.

Shayla Twit of Sarasota has the following on her track record:

  • CLHMS designation – A distinction reserved only for those with a proven record of sales and expertise in a top-tier market
  • Member of the Million Dollar Guild – Reserved for agents who’ve sold $1 million worth of property in 12 months
  • RE/MAX Hall of Fame
  • Five stars in client satisfaction since 2008
  • A Member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

Having industry knowledge is essential. But industry recognition is proof of that expertise!

2. Professionalism

How is their demeanor? Their dress? Their communication skills?

Professionalism is key to a good experience for the sellers and buyers. An unprofessional or novice agent won’t get you the same results as an experienced, confident pro.

You can gauge their level of professionalism by consulting with them personally, checking out their website or office, and even checking their reviews online.

3. Dedication

Are the lines of communication open between you and your agent? Do they send regular updates, ask critical questions, promote open houses regularly? In other words, how dedicated are they to selling your home?

To put it simply, a dedicated seller produces a dedicated buyer. With that fire, your home could sit for longer than expected.

4. Marketing Skills

Part of being dedicated and professional is having a well-rounded skill set. Your agent needs to have marketing skills, both local and beyond, to get the reach your luxury home deserves. Ask your agent what their marketing plans are for your house.

When it comes to marketing, Shayla Twit does the following:

  • Use of her website, social media, and even local publications
  • Brochures, flyers, and banners displaying your home
  • Direct contact with potential buyers through email blasts, direct mail, open houses
  • Just Listed/Sold postcards for every property
  • Offers sellers a virtual marketing presentation so they, too, can learn the marketing side of selling

One key element of good marketing is the variety. You want everyone on any platform to be able to see your home. That’s why it’s imperative to use social media, emails, tangible flyers — whatever works!

5. A Reliable Network

Who does your agent know? And for the people he or she doesn’t know — what is their strategy for getting to know them? Being in touch with the right people is another way to tip the scales in your favor.

This means knowing potential luxury buyers. Knowing fellow luxury real estate agents. Industry connections that’ll help spread the word about your property.

6. A Strong, Welcoming Personality

You’re selling a high-end home here! It’s essential to have a real estate agent with a high-end personality that’s equal parts welcoming and strong. This will be great not only for you but also for your potential buyers.

You’re selling a lifestyle, so you need someone who can dish it up on a silver platter. A luxury real estate agent will understand that a winning personality is all it takes to make people feel more comfortable.

This will give buyers more confidence in their decision making — and get your home in their hands.

7. Good Communicator

Does your agent send regular updates to you? Are they an excellent communicator within their industry? Do they have quality testimonials from previous clients?

Communication is what home selling comes down to. A persuasive (but not pushy) agent will have the communication skills necessary to tip the scales in your favor.

The Best Luxury Real Estate Agents Have These Qualities in Common

What you’re selling isn’t just a home — it’s a lifestyle of luxury.

Because of this, during the selling process, you need to take the utmost care. You can do so on your end by staging your home well and making minor repairs that are necessary. But on the marketing end — all that needs to get handled by luxury real estate agents. People who have done this before and can do it again with your property.

The real estate agent hunt isn’t that hard. Using this list of 7 essential qualities, it should be easy for you to find an agent that fits the criteria.

Good luck with your home selling! In the meantime, we mentioned that you can stage your home to help quicken the process. What makes the most difference to buyers?

Here are 10 (secret) staging ideas for you to use to get your house off the market!