In 2018, realtors sold about 5.34 million homes in the USA. These curb appeal ideas will entice buyers and make your luxury home look beautiful.

In the United States, home sales have been steadily increasing since 2008. Curb appeal can make or break a sale. The more curb appeal a home has, the more eager people are to purchase it.

Home buyers are attracted to curb appeal like moths are to light. By increasing curb appeal, you’re making your home more irresistible and likely to sell.

Here are 5 easy ways to increase curb appeal:

1. Let It Grow

Want to know how to improve curb appeal the easy way? Take care of your lawn.

Put plants, flowers, and other greenery outside your house. You don’t have to grow a full-blown garden. Just a few sections of flowers out front can work wonders for curb appeal.

Potted plants and flower boxes will also do the trick.

Putting 2 trees at the start of a pathway makes the entrance look more official. Always take a tree’s size into consideration before placing it in front of a home.

2. Upgrade Your Door Experience

Paint your door a different color. Choose a color that complements the color scheme of your house. Brighter colors are especially good for attracting attention.

Switch your doorknob to something more unique and attractive. Consider various designs before committing to one.

Guests will perceive your home as more inviting with a cheerful floor mat that says something like, “Welcome!” It’s also a simple way of adding curb appeal to your home.

3. Change Your Mailbox

Improving curb appeal means updating any outdated exterior elements of your home. Changing an old mailbox is an instant dose of curb appeal.

Look at different colors and designs before choosing a mailbox. Don’t be afraid to stand out with a unique mailbox.

Installing a new mailbox can take around 2 hours. Make sure you follow the local regulations in your area.

4. Find Strength In Numbers

Replace your house number. Put the numbers somewhere people can easily view them from the road. For instance, your mailbox post is a prime location for your house number.

Think of creative ways to display the house number. Using something like a plaque or planter in a visible location is perfect for creating curb appeal.

When choosing a font, consider whether your home’s aesthetic is more traditional or modern.

5. Embrace Decor

A house with curb appeal often has appealing decor. Decorating your home increases curb appeal. Putting up seasonal decorations can be as easy as placing some pumpkins on your porch for Fall.

(Speaking of porches: Porch curtains add a touch of interior design and intimacy to an outdoor space.)

Try These Wonderful Curb Appeal Ideas

More Millennials are buying homes than ever. However, these curb appeal ideas will help you attract buyers of all ages.

Millennials currently account for 45% of mortgages. When a home has an updated appearance, you’re more likely to attract Millennial buyers.

Be informed and find out your home’s value. It could make you richer.