The start of the new year is the perfect opportunity to reboot our living spaces.

Maybe you’re hoping to update your space so you can sell at the best price possible. A modern and fresh looking home is much more valuable than a dated one. Or, you may just want to refresh your home’s look.

Either way, it’s time to tune into what’s new and hot in the design world. In 2019, there’s plenty of older trends that have been transformed, and some newer ones that may surprise you.

Ready to update your look? Keep reading to find out the most important interior design trends for 2019.

Boho Interior Design

Boho is back as one of the major home decor trends 2019 will bring. However, this isn’t the boho you think you know.

Though boho’s vibrant patterns and layering is still there, the colors are brighter and the lines are cleaner. Look for boho vibes in curved, soft, furnishings that look more modern than vintage.

Bold Graphic Design And Patterns

If you love to mix textures and colors, this year’s trends are going to put a smile on your face.

Every room in the home can benefit from the current move toward bold graphic design and patterns. One of the more popular spots to play with this trend include a gallery wall. Invest in a bold statement painting that catches the eye.

Another great way to incorporate bold patterns, surprisingly, is in the kitchen. There’s more than one way to do so, like choosing a more daring color choice for a wall. Or, making a backsplash out of graphic tiles.

Even more daring is the move toward street art as a design element. Even in more traditional homes, this adds an instant edge that can transform a space. It’s a way to make a formerly drab room exciting and interesting to the eye.

Color In 2019 Interior Design

Two major elements will dominate color in 2019, and they’re almost opposites of each other.

Firstly, green, period, will rule this year. Whether you’re more attracted to soft teal or a mossy green, it’s a perfect time to experiment. The PPG color of the year is Nightwatch Green. It’s a rich green that works well with shiny surfaces.

The green wave translates into not only upholstery and new paints, but also in live greenery. To mix things up, stagger the heights and sizes of the plant containers used.

Secondly, Pantone’s color of the year Living Coral will be seen in all the most fashionable homes for 2019. This optimistic color works perfectly on coastal homes like the ones along the Florida coast.

If neither of these tones appeals to you, keep in mind that jewel tones are also in. Add a splash of these colors against a white background to make a powerful statement.


With all the technology we’re surrounded by, it’s no surprise that design is taking us back to nature.

The trend of biophilia is all about connecting us with primal objects that come from the earth. It can manifest in things like handmade objects crafted from rice paper or jute.

Bringing natural elements indoors will also be a big part of what 2019 brings. It can be a living wall, a garden room, or fountains. Even installing a glass window with a view of nature can incorporate biophilia into the home.

It’s the perfect way to connect us back to natural elements and create a sense of calm and escape.

Updated Cabinetry

The kitchen is a spot that’s often overlooked in interior design. Since it’s not as flexible as other rooms, it can be tempting to ignore this space. However, it’s actually a room that is full of potential.

You don’t need to do a full renovation either. With a simple coat of paint, you can update your cabinets for 2019 and give your entire kitchen a facelift.

The colors to look for are deep blacks, grays, and blues that work as neutrals that you can build a design around. Get rid of the traditional wood and go out on a limb for a fresh look.

If you really want to update your kitchen, why not do away with cabinets altogether? Open shelving is the next big thing. It’s the perfect way to show off that hand-painted set of plates without having to throw a dinner party.

What’s Out In Interior Design Trends for 2019

Just as important as knowing the interior design trends for 2019 is knowing what’s out.

Scandi minimalism is out in favor of maximalism. This means bolder art choices, and less sterile, colorless spaces.

In the same vein, gray, especially cool grays, are out. They’ll be replaced by either stark white, feminine and warm colors, or jewel tones. For a neutral replacement to gray, try taupe or other warmer shades.

Cherry wood cabinets are also out. This dark finish gets an update in lighter, cooler painted shades. So too are white quartz countertops, which are being replaced with darker colors.

Making Interior Design Trends Work For You

Hopefully, this will have inspired you with some ideas on bringing interior design trends for 2019 into your home.

However, the main thing to take away is that in 2019, what’s in is individuality. Experts say a catalog-ready home isn’t as important anymore. Your personal influence on your space is valued much more.

Now that you’ve made your home the best it can be, are you curious about how much it’s worth? A home valuation could be just what you need. Get in touch with us to see how much your Sarasota home could be worth.