Listing and selling property….it’s cut and dry, right?  Don’t be so quick to judge!  There are MANY steps that go into putting a property on the market. Further the real estate markets has a direct effect on many small business’ in the area.  A seasoned agent will go above and beyond, employing and recommeding many indivuduals/businesses prior, during and upon completion of the sale, most of whom are small business owners.

During an intial listing appointment, I often recommend repairs or improvements to ensure photography is maximized.  We have a detailed list of vendors, including handymen, painters, landscapers, interior designers, house cleaning services, stagers, etc.

Once listed, we employ photographers/videographers that are small business owners to capture the property in the most flattering ways.  We use a small business signage company to produce signs and to be installed.

As we move along with the listing, and into a contract, we will be in touch with a variety of businesses; inspectors, title/law firm, insurance agents, mortgage processors and more.

It takes an abundance of attention to detail to ensure our clients are happy with the outcome of their purchase or sale.  I employ a full time assistant to help facilitate all aspects from listing to closing.

Fortunately, real estate didn’t have much “pause” here in the Sarasota area. And most of these businesses, especially inspectors, photographers, handymen, painters, mortgage processors are recording an increase in business.  This is not only fantastic news for them, but even better news for the economy.

If you considering listing, I cannot emphasize enough that inventory is LOW.  Listings are needed NOW! My team and I can list your property effortlessly, even if you do not reside locally.

Contact me today for a detailed market analysis on your home, 941-544-7690.