On average, it takes three weeks to sell a home. This could vary based on your location, but it gives you a general idea.

There are lots of things that you can do to help sell your home faster. But what are they and how do you know they will work?

That’s why we’ll share with you 9 surefire tips for selling your home so you’ll have buyers lined up at the front door waiting to bid.

Take a look!

1. Price Your Home Right

The price brings people to your home. If you overprice, fewer buyers will be interested. Plus, you won’t be able to get an appraisal for the mortgage.

Be sure you look at how houses are selling in your neighborhood. It’s natural to want to get the best price, but you want to get it right to start with.

If you price your home about 5 to 10 percent above market value, you will end up with an offer close to your home’s value. You should also price to come up in searches, which is usually just under a whole number. If you list for $305,000, your home will not appear in a search up to $300,000.

Ask multiple real estate agents for their estimates. You can then compare prices for a good idea where your list price should be.

2. Get a Storage Unit

Getting rid of clutter is one of the best ways to sell your home. You don’t want to eliminate this clutter by shoving stuff in a closet. Get a storage unit.

You will want to get rid of about a third of your stuff that you don’t use every day. Anything you are not currently using should go to this unit like holiday decorations, baby gear, seasonal clothes, and kitchen gadgets you don’t use.

Look at a portable storage unit. This can make moving a snap.

3. Look at Your Kitchen

A kitchen sells your house. Most homeowners recoup about 80 percent of kitchen remodel dollars.

For example, replacing countertops may only cost a few thousand dollars. Buyers may ask for $10,000 off asking price because it is outdated.

You should have a neutral paint color in your kitchen. You can also add new hardware to your cabinets for an updated look without spending a lot of money.

If your appliances are outdated, you may want to consider purchasing new matching appliances. Most buyers still prefer stainless steel because they feel it makes the kitchen look richer.

4. Find the Right Real Estate Agent

Make sure you know your agent’s sales record. You will want to know their average time a house is on the market. This tells you if they price houses correctly.

You will also want to ask the agent how many of their listings they sold. Sometimes people will switch realtors if they are unhappy with results.

Find out about how they will promote your property. Do they use multiple channels in social media and online? Do they hire a professional to take pictures?

You should interview multiple agents to find someone you are comfortable with. You want someone who will communicate with you regularly. Get referrals either online or from your peers–there is nothing better than the thoughts from someone who has worked directly with this person.

5. Have a Pre-Inspection

You can help prove your home is ready to move in and free of problems with a pre-inspection. You will not be surprised by any repairs once a buyer has an inspection done.

This doesn’t mean those home buyers won’t want another inspection. It just helps you address any major problems ahead of time and can help ease the buyer’s mind.

6. Remove Personalized Items

You should remove your personal photographs and other memorabilia from your home. You want the buyer to concentrate on the features of the home and not you. The buyers can then imagine themselves in the house and not see it as your home.

You don’t want to add any distractions when trying to sell. People are naturally attracted to pictures.

7. Small Upgrades

You should not go overboard with remodels right before selling. You will not get all your money back. However, small renovations like a new sink, updated light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and fresh paint go a long way and don’t cost a lot.

Presentation is key to selling anything. The same is true with houses. Declutter all your counters, tables, and rooms.

You should also scrub your house and make it sparkle. You can also have your carpets cleaned to give the house a fresh scent.

8. Curb Appeal

Your curb appeal is like a book cover–it’s what gets the buyer’s attention. As a buyer scrolls down listings, he or she may skip looking at interior shots if the outside is not appealing.

You can do small things to enhance curb appeal. Tidy up your yard and landscape by trimming up shrubs, adding mulching, and edging flower beds. Home prices in the U.S. have surged within the past few years. However, according to a new Trees.com survey of 1,250 licensed U.S. real estate agents, neglecting your home’s landscaping and hardscaping is one way to decrease a home’s value. To fix this, 59% of the real estate agents say trees are the landscaping element that adds the most value to your property. It can increase property values by 30% or more. Thus, creating a positive first impression of your home. You can learn more about the key findings of this Trees.com study here.

The outside of your house should also be clean. You may want to pressure wash your house, patio, walkways, and driveway. If you have shutters, consider giving them a fresh coat of paint.

Adding a few flowers will brighten up any bed with color. You should make sure your entryway is the most appealing. Clean all the cobwebs and bird droppings for a clean look.

How is your front door? A fresh coat of paint and new knobs can brighten it up for the best first impression.

9. Choose the Best Time to List

Typically, you want to list your house in the spring or summer. If you can wait to list until then, you should consider it. If you list in earlier spring, there may be fewer houses on the market, which means less competition.

There is more inventory during these times so buyers may be pickier. This is why your house needs to be priced appropriately and in the best possible shape.

Want More Tips for Selling Your Home?

Are you interested in selling your home? Get more tips for selling your home by contacting a real estate professional in Sarasota. You can also get a free home valuation today by a real person to get honest answers on your home’s value.