Thinking about using drone photography to help sell your home?

Wondering how to get started with drone photography?

Using drone photography can be a very smart move that can help you sell your home fast and set your listing apart from other homes in your area. However, if you want to use a drone to shoot video and photograph of your home, you need to keep a few tips in mind to make sure it goes well.

Below we’ll tell you everything you need to know to successfully sell your home with the help of real estate drone photography.

1. Get the Right Gear

The first thing you’ll want to do when preparing to take drone photos footage is to make sure you get the right gear. You’ll want to choose a drone that has all of the features you need. Most of all, it should be equipped with an advanced camera with the capability to take videos.

If you’re taking videos, you’ll also want to make sure your drone has the capability to make great shots. Ideally, your drone should have a 3-axis gimbal that will allow you to smoothly move the camera. The gimbal will allow the camera to rotate on a gyroscopically-balanced mount, allowing for smooth and seamless shots using your drone.

Do your research and make sure you get a great drone that is equipped with the right hardware for the shoot. This will help ensure you’re starting out on the right foot.

2. Prepare In Advance

Before you take your drone to the skies, you should plan your shots and do plenty of prep work. Make a flight plan in advance so that you’ll know exactly how your drone will fly over your home.

Decide exactly what kinds of shots are important to get for your video and what features of your home you want to show home buyers. Remember, you’ll want to highlight the features that are most likely to be a selling point for potential buyers.

In addition to showing the aerial views of your home, you may also want to do a close-up virtual tour that goes through the front door of your home and takes the viewer all around your house. A virtual drone tour can be a great way to show off your home and get some steady footage for your real estate listing.

3. Practice Your Flying Skills

Ideally, you’ll get some proper training for flying a drone before you shoot a video. It’s a great idea to take a flight course to make sure you can operate the drone well and smoothly take photo and video. At the very least you should do plenty of practice beforehand.

If you prefer to take the videos yourself rather than hiring a professional, you should make sure to work on your flying skills first. Practice flying your drone and creating long, steady camera shots.

You should have good expectations about what to expect from your drone photography. Don’t expect to have perfect photos or videos if you haven’t practiced your skills first.

4. Know How to Stay Safe

If you’re getting ready to do some drone photography, you also need to make sure you’re prepared to stay safe. Some cities have safety courses available, so it’s a good idea to take a course on drone safety before you get started with drone videography and photography.

Remember that you should be flying your drone with the wind rather than against it. You’ll have to be very careful when handling your drone around trees, power lines and other obstacles. Otherwise, you could risk damaging your drone, structures around your home, or people.

Making the Most of Real Estate Drone Photography

Making use of real estate drone photography is a great idea if you want to make sure you’re setting your real estate listing apart from competitors. Use the tips above to ensure you’re doing your drone photography right and making your listing as attractive as possible to home buyers.

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