If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, the process to turn that house over may take so long and it’s easy to see how you might feel discouraged.

Having your home professionally inspected before listing it could make all the difference.

You first need to know what exactly pre-inspection is all about.

A pre-sale inspection is where the homeowner hires an inspection company to scrutinize and look at the property prior to listing the property because they want to understand what the issues are concerning that property.

Once the house is inspected, you as the homeowner or seller is educated on the conditions of the home.

It allows you to make a decision of how best to deal with those issues and develop a strategy and view of each issue that is there.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider pre-listing inspection:

If The Home is Old

The first reason why as a home seller you should consider inspection is if you have lived in your home for a really long time and haven’t had it evaluated by a home inspector or contract.

If you haven’t had it serviced in a while or if your home is really old, it might benefit you to have that home pre-inspected before it goes on to the market.

You want to really know what you’re dealing with. You may not be aware of some of the issues that are underlying because it’s been a long time since you’ve had anyone look at the house.

That might be a situation in which you would have a pre-inspection done.

To Know More About Your Home

Another reason is definitely discovering any of the issues that you don’t know before listing your property for sale.

A pre-listing inspection allows you to do a full evaluation of the home. Inspection enables the seller to know the exact condition of the home.

Then you will have time to either get the deficiencies that you find corrected or you can get estimates on those repairs.

This way when the buyer comes in, you are not going to be rushed.

To Get In Front Of Issues

Pre-inspection might be helpful if you have suspect that you might be having issues with various components in the home.

Most sellers are aware of issues because they see little telltale signs like a little leak somewhere or little shifting and cracking somewhere else.

Therefore, if you have a suspicion that there are a couple issues going on, it is best to get in front of those issues.

You don’t want to assume that a buyer is not going to find out because most buyers are going to have an inspection done anyway and get to know about the issues in the house.

Seller disclosure law requires that you disclose everything that you know about the house.

So if you suspect that there are some issues that need to be dealt with in your house it might be better to just have it pre-inspected.

To Accurately Price Your Home

When selling or listing a house for sale, you really need to gauge the value of the property.

This ensures that you accurately price your home and avoid pricing the home a little too high or a little too low.

Pre-listing home inspection allows you to conduct the valuation of the home.

You can actually get more for your house by getting any issues resolved ahead of time because the condition of the home is a very big factor in the whole value equation.

A newer roof or a newer heating or cooling system are positives, a positive to the buyer and also positive when the value of the house is appraised.

From inspection, you may find out that you have not a 20-year roof shingle but you have a 40-year roof shingle.

The house may also have a top of the line heating system and that’s all going to help with pricing of a particular home.

To Have a Smooth Transaction

If you are a seller that just wants a really smooth transaction, then you might benefit from having your home pre-inspected.

You might want to have your home inspected before listing it so that you are aware of everything that’s going on with the house.

Also, so that you can tell the buyer up front what the issues are and that they are making the offer with knowledge of these issues.

And also if anything else is discovered during their own personal home inspection, both of you can certainly you know talk about those.

Pre-listing inspection simplifies the whole process and makes it easier for both buyer and seller.

The buyer is aware of everything up front so they feel that the seller is being forthright with them.

They don’t feel like there are going to be any surprises after they move in or things that the seller has hidden from them and the sale just tends to proceed a bit smoother.

So if you are a seller that you know is interested in a smooth process of selling consider conducting a pre-listing inspection.

It might benefit having an inspection before you put your house on the market.

To Acquire The Buyer’s Trust

To gain the buyer’s trust you need to have a legitimate company conduct the inspection.

There are two different types of seller reports.

You can have a checklist which is like a 10-minute inspection where they just do a quick run through the home or you can get a full-blown report showing defects, the positives and negatives of the home.

A home buyer needs to see that a professional report has been done and they can hire that home inspector who already just did the sellers inspection to use them for the buyer walk-through inspection.

When choosing a home inspection you want to make sure you get a qualified company who will get you qualified report because that inspection and reports will come under scrutiny.

To Maintain Momentum

The worst thing that can happen to a seller is to have an accepted offer and then all of a sudden the buyer backs out because of a home inspection or a few small issues.

Real estate home inspection is going to make sure that there will be no surprises for you as the seller.

When your buyer comes in and has their own home inspection, you already know the condition of the home.

You are not going to have any surprises and it’s not going to kill any of the momentum that you have built up, so far, with your buyer.

This will really help you sell the other property well and smoothly. It will ensure a smooth sale process with no hitches.

Consider Pre-Listing Inspection For Your Property

Seller home inspection has many advantages as discussed above.

You just need to have the inspection done before it hits the market, fix what you can, disclose the rest and then price it accordingly.

The pre-listing inspection ensures that way you have fewer hiccups down the road.

You will not have a situation where the buyer really loves the house and you have agreed to all terms and the price you get a major setback after they conduct an inspection.

Save yourself a lot of time and money by using the house inspection tips listed above. For more information, contact us.