Sarasota is a beautiful city with a great real estate market. Seeing as it offers the fundamentals of the fantastic Florida lifestyle, it’s no wonder why people want to move here. But, before anyone is ready to move here, there’s a lot of consideration to do, from choosing the right Sarasota neighborhood to looking up schools if you’re moving with kids. But, aside from all that, one of the first issues you’ll face is buying vs. renting in Sarasota. Let’s discuss in more detail the pros and cons of these two options so that you can make a better choice for your situation.



Since it is a much bigger and more expensive option, let’s first dive into a deeper inspection of the pros and cons of buying a home in Sarasota. Buying a home is a high risk higher reward deal, no matter where you’re doing it. While the initial expenses and duration of the sale process are somewhat larger, the long-term benefits of buying the right home can be even more substantial.


You are investing in a great asset

A home is a significant and stable asset that allows you to build equity and ensures financial stability. If you meet your mortgage requirements on time, within a few decades, you’ll be your property owner. And if you invest in a few upgrades and renewals here and there over the years, you can significantly increase this asset’s value. That means that even if you eventually decide to sell and move to a new home, you can get a great return on investment. Just ensure you’re buying the right property, with the right potential, at the right time.

You can personalize it however you want

Personalization is a critical factor to consider when considering buying vs. renting in Sarasota. Unlike renting, when you own a home, you can customize it to your tastes without limitations. For example, the color palettes can be as bright or as bland as you want them to be without the fear of not being able to repaint them to the original look so that you can get your deposit back once you move. Sarasota is a city with a vibrant personality, and your home should be able to reflect that.

You’ll have a sense of belonging

If you buy a home in Sarasota, it’ll feel more natural to refer to yourself as a “Sarasotian openly.” Owning a home in a place helps you get a sense of community and belonging because you feel like you’ve rooted yourself into that community. When renting, you always feel like you’ve got one foot out the door, and that feeling of belonging is much harder to achieve.


There’s no such thing as a perfect home

The first con we should cover is that even in a city as gorgeous as Sarasota, there’s no such thing as a perfect home. Something will always be missing. However, that’s why the personalization aspect is so important. For example, if you love the look of a home but are worried about the lack of storage, you can easily renovate later to increase storage space. Since you probably won’t be able to renovate right out of the gate, Peasley Transfer & Storage Boise experts advise you to get a short-term rental unit at a storage facility to accommodate your things until you’re ready.

You will be stuck there for a while

Selling your home is lengthy, costly, and expensive, so you lack flexibility after buying a home. It’s not easy to just pack up and move on. There can even be additional stress when selling your home, such as selling it while owning pets.



Let’s move on to the option of renting a home here. When considering buying vs. renting in Sarasota, you should be more inclined to rent if you want flexibility and low initial investment costs.


Moving flexibility

Unlike what we just discussed with buying, renting a home in Sarasota gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of moving away or to a better home within the city. Of course, this process is still quite expensive, but it can be made more affordable. For example, you could find ways to save funds for your move.

Predictable monthly expenses

Fixed-rate mortgages give you sort of a false sense of predictability for your monthly expenses. When owning a home, you are responsible for covering any unexpected repairs or maintenance costs. On the other hand, if you’re renting. You know exactly how much you will be spending each month, and any surprises, such as a broken sink, are your landlord’s responsibility.


It probably won’t feel like home

That is more of a personal issue, and whether you’ll experience this differs from person to person. However, in most cases, renters have trouble connecting with their homes in Sarasota. Even though you have a signed document that represents the fact that it is your home, the reality is that it’s still someone else’s property.

Forced evictions

That is one of the most significant issues you must consider if you’re leaning toward renting when it comes to buying vs. renting in Sarasota. Although a fixed-term lease partially protects you, you might have to move out even if you don’t want to after the lease term ends. Additionally, depending on the demeanor of your landlord, you can be evicted for even minor transgressions.

Your landlord’s rules are gospel

Since your landlord owns the property, you must follow specific rules. For example, you might not be allowed to personalize your home how you would if you bought one.


In the end, it’s up to your intent

There are lots of reasons why people buy property in Sarasota. For example, it’s also a popular spot for buying vacation homes. However, if you want to make Sarasota itself your home, you’ll have to face the buying vs. renting in Sarasota dilemma. Making the right choice is extremely important, but it ultimately comes down to your intention. For example, if you’re moving here on a low budget for your studies and need flexibility. Renting is the right choice for you, as long as you’re ready to forgo some of the authentic feels of living in Sarasota. On the other hand, buying a home is most assuredly the right choice if you’re looking for a forever home to build a family with and are financially stable already. – featured image