Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Real Estate Agent in Florida

Each task in life is better done when handled professionally. The same goes for home buying or selling. Of course, there are always alternative ways of accomplishing a specific task. Nevertheless, in this case, having a professional and trustworthy crew on your side is crucial so you know it’s handled successfully. This article has narrowed down seven signs to help you know you’ve picked the right real estate agent in Florida. With a busy market like this, you need all the help you can get. That is, you’ll need to know when to trust your gut and what you’ll need to pay special attention to avoid being scammed. Luckily, we’re here to help.

How to pick the right real estate agent?

Picking the realtor that suits your needs and has your best interest in mind isn’t always easy. If even the slightest thing feels wrong, it’s usually better to dig deeper and find someone more suitable. After all, you’ll be buying your dream home. You’ll want to have a trustworthy troop around you. For instance, you might’ve already hired long distance movers to get you there with ease based on your previous experience or recommendation.

However, it is different when choosing the most suitable agent in Florida. Firstly, it’s usually always best that they are local. Once you have this box ticked, sure signs will help you know you’ve picked the right real estate agent. Here’s what to take into consideration.

  1. You feel comfortable and safe around them.
  2. They are accessible and responsive.
  3. They are informative and familiar with the neighborhood.
  4. They’re straightforward with you, even if that’s something you wouldn’t like to hear.
  5. They are flexible and proactive.
  6. You work less than your agent.
  7. You can trust your gut on them, especially if you’ve established a good rapport.

You feel you’re in good hands

You don’t have to be head over heels for your realtor, but they should impress you in certain aspects. As you’ll frequently be communicating, you’ll be able to grasp whether you’re dealing with a person you like being around.

A client and his realtor looking at houses on the laptop and smiling

Honest, proactive, and professional are some of the traits of a great real estate agent.

By having a good relationship with your agent who’s continuously keeping your best interests in mind in the process of home buying, you’ll know you’re in the right hands from the get-go. This isn’t a difficult trait to spot. If the person who represents you impresses you with how they’re doing their job, they’re the one.

They are available and work around your schedule

The next sign falls under the “non-negotiables.” Good realtors will make themselves available to their customers. Therefore, you won’t be left hanging while waiting for their response.

If you feel like you’ve been waiting for too long for your agent to call you back, then you might’ve landed on the one that is not right for you. Being accessible and prioritizing your needs fall under an excellent real estate agent’s crucial traits.

They know the market

Your real estate agent doesn’t have to live in the exact street you wish to buy a house in, but they should be highly familiar with the market when you’re buying your new home. Usually, it’s always better to find a local realtor who has connections and knows people. However, if you already have someone trustworthy from afar, make sure they have done thorough research.

Aerial view of houses in Sarasota FL

If your realtor has done their research, you’ll know you’ve picked the right real estate agent, as they will handle all the information efficiently to get you the best deal.

Honesty is the sign you’ll know you’ve picked the right real estate agent in FL

Almost anyone would agree that being honest is vital in all relationships. Therefore, if you see your realtor being brutally honest with you, the chances are you’ve found a good one.

It’s their ethical responsibility to be honest with you in all case scenarios, even though they risk losing money. However, when they present you with the actual situation and explain why something isn’t in your best interest despite your wanting it, you can be almost sure that a realtor puts its integrity before money. For instance, they will advise you on the down payment, which might be higher than you originally planned. Nevertheless, this is a trait everyone who cares about doing business honestly and successfully should have.

Being persistent and flexible is yet another one

A good realtor is open to strategy changes if the primary one doesn’t seem to work for weeks. Additionally, they will look into new people and ways to find homes that are in accordance with your wishlist. Therefore, we can confidently say that giving up is not a high-quality real estate agent trait.

On the other hand, the one that examines the market and situation comes up with alternative plans and strategies, and literally fights in your name is a keeper.

You don’t work as much as they do

This might seem oblivious, but it’s necessary to bring it up. The truth is, you’ve hired a professional realtor to find you a house and do the job for you. That’s why you shouldn’t look for places as much as they do.

Instead, your agent should put serious effort into finding you the best possible homes. So, if you’re in consistent communication with them and feel like they’ve put the effort in, this is a good sign you’ve found the right real estate agent in Florida.

You can trust them

Even though we’ve mentioned honesty already, it is vital that you feel you can trust them. Therefore, once you see your agent wanting to build a good rapport with you, chances are they can be trusted. Even though you are in a business relationship, it should be based on mutual respect and trust.

Therefore, if you feel like they want to know you, understand your needs, and wish to make you happy, you’ll probably end up being satisfied soon.

A realtor handing over their keys to their client.

An agent that doesn’t give up and knows where to search for what you need is always the right choice.

Conclusion on signs you’ll know you’ve picked the right real estate agent

We believe one will feel they’ve picked the right real estate agent from the get-go. However, if you’re unsure, it’s always wise to do your research and at least know what to look (and not look) for. Hopefully, with the knowledge you gained from this article, you’ll find the right one soon. Good luck!



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