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Most Popular Home Features Among Florida Buyers

You are selling your Florida home. We know that was not an easy decision to make. But don’t be sad – instead, be excited about turning over a new leaf soon. However, if you want to do that properly and sell your Florida home quickly and for the highest price possible, you have to know those most popular home features among Florida buyers. That way, you will know how to attract the best buyers and how to add value to your home.

Of course, some of these home features will require a lot of your money. But, fear not – you will get your money back as soon as you sell your home. And, that is not all – you will get even more money than you invested because these features add significant value to your home.

A Separate Laundry Room

Some homes have washing and drying machines in the kitchens, others in the bathrooms, and some in their attic or basement area. But, these are no longer popular home features among Florida buyers. According to Florida real estate statistics, almost 90% of home buyers want a separate laundry room.

So, if you plan on selling a furnished home, be sure to have one room that will be equipped with all the things one functional laundry room should have. Those are things like a washing and drying machine, many cabinets and shelves, and a place for folding laundry. Laundry rooms are some of the most popular home features among Florida home buyers, so don’t hesitate to install them – they will increase the value of your home by up to 10%.

A Florida Home's Laundry Room


What is the point of living in Florida and not spending all of your free time outside? Of course, you can always go to the park or mall, but nothing can beat the feeling of relaxing in your own yard. Imagine a warm summer day in Florida, a breeze, a patio, and a rocking chair. This is the image you should ‘sell’ to all the potential buyers.

Imagine yourself in this position – when looking for a home in Florida, you would also opt for one with a patio; you would instantly make your offer and even offer a higher price for it. According to moving experts from orangemovers.com, most of their clients say that they picked a particular house because of its outdoor space. You want your potential buyers to do this as well – thus, make sure you have that patio.

Energy Efficiencies 

We all want to save the planet and spend less on our bills, right? Of course! And, if you want that, your buyers do too! So, try to analyze your budget and see whether you can afford to add some energy efficiencies to your home. Those can be things like energy-efficient doors and windows, solar panels, energy-saving appliances, etc. You can opt for led light bulbs if you are on a budget.

When your potential home buyers arrive to check out your home and go through their home inspection checklists, don’t forget to mention these energy efficiencies. These are the most popular home features among Florida buyers, so be sure that they will love them.

Florida Home with Solar Panels

Every home should have sort of energy efficiency.

Smart Features 

Before you put your home on the market and before you call your local movers to help you quickly settle in your new home or move excess stuff from your old house into a storage unit, it might be a good idea to consider introducing some smart features to your home. Those can be things like smart appliances in every room, voice-controlled lights, security systems, remote-controlled doors, windows, etc. For example, you can also make the home easily controllable by a phone or a computer.

As we live in the age of technology, all people want to live in smart homes. ‘Old’ homes are not in fashion anymore. So, do everything in your power to show all the cool things your home can do once potential buyers come to your open-house event.

A modern Florida living room

Everybody loves a home with smart features.

Open Concept 

And one of the last but not the least popular home features among Florida buyers is an open concept. You can’t go wrong with this one. All buyers, especially once with families, are looking for homes with an open floor plan. Ideally, that would be a home with an open concept downstairs (including a kitchen, living, and dining room) and all other bedrooms upstairs.

Of course, it will be challenging to prepare your home for sale if you have to remodel your whole house to look like this. But, if you can, do it. An open concept will significantly add value to your home. And, who knows, maybe it persuades you to change your mind and keep living in your home.

There are many more popular home features among Florida buyers, but today, we mentioned only those that will help you sell your home for a higher price. Thus, consider adding some of these features to your home. They will make all the difference in the buyer’s eyes! But, before you start – don’t forget to seek a permit. Some Florida cities and neighborhoods have strict laws regarding home additions and renovations!

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