WORK ANNIVERSARY – June 2002. Some thoughts.

First… can anyone believe that we are half way through 2021 already? Hard to believe. Seems to have flown by.

Second…as we almost wrap up Q2 of 2021, I can’t help but also reflect upon the real estate ride from when I started my business way back in 2002. Fresh out of college … fresh out of WI, gosh I was so incredibly naive. Didn’t know one thing about selling, let alone much about the Sarasota area or the field of real estate or what it truly entailed. Not to mention, I was “directionally dyslexic” to put it mildly LOL! Remember Mapquest? Like it was yesterday, I had to print, reprint, mark up, change, re mark up directions to properties because I got so lost… so many times. The embarrassment. My word!

Third… there was one constant throughout the ups and downs, and that was my absolute steadfastness about achieving my goals in this business. To help others realize their American dream of homeownership. This idea never once wavered. It’s like I knew I’d get there one day. And “where” has certainly changed over the years. What one pictures as success and your road to “there” often changes as you get older. Hopefully wiser, I look back at the struggles, the hurdles, the doubters.. and yes, the haters. But also the milestones that I have celebrated along the way. All of it has pushed me through and made me come out the other end a much happier and calmer person, knowing who I am and always keeping my integrity and honesty.

Fourth… when you go through major life challenges like the bankruptcy I had to deal with head on, and you come out of it alive and better from it, you feel as if you can overcome anything!

Lastly… behind this “Top 1,000” award there are also 1,000 unspoken words and memories to go along with it. The gratitude I feel right now to even rank among my 50,000+ peers is beyond measure. And I thank every single client who’s believed in me!