​Biggest Reasons Why New Yorkers Move to Florida

New Yorkers deciding to move to the Sunshine State is old news. However, for the past few years, more and more residents of New York have been moving down south to Florida. During the pandemic, Florida was receiving a little bit less than 1000 new residents daily. From much more attractive tax legislation to better weather conditions, there are plenty of reasons why New Yorkers move to Florida. But, if you’ve been thinking about doing so, you should be well informed about all those reasons.

No personal state tax

One of the biggest reasons why New Yorkers move to Florida is the much more favorable tax policies. Firstly, Florida doesn’t have a state income tax. Sheer taxes are mostly “paid on consumption.” This means that you pay tax the moment you buy a particular product or service. On the other hand, the New York state and city taxes can count up to 13% of a resident’s income. This means that a New Yorker who earns an annual salary of $50,000 (the average annual income in the state) would be paying $6500 in tax every year. In Florida, there are also many great tax break options for homeowners. For example, there is the Florida homestead exemption.

Better job market

The average unemployment rate in Florida is below 3%. This is a lot lower than most states in the US, including New York. The most significant industry in Florida is tourism. However, don’t think that it stops there. You can also find great jobs in the following:

  1. Finance
  2. Agriculture
  3. International trade
  4. Life sciences
  5. Aviation and aerospace development

With all of these options available, it can be fairly easy to find a job before you even move here. If you hire interstate movers to move you from New York to Florida, experts can make it simple to move while you look for a job.

Growing tech industry

One of the fastest-growing industries in Florida is the tech industry. Over the past few years, it has been developing rapidly since The Florida High Tech Corridor has been attracting more and more workers and tech firms. Keep in mind that that doesn’t mean the rest of Florida isn’t good for this industry. There’s also been rapid development in the south of Florida.

More favorable real estate market

Florida has one of the best real estate costs per square foot in America. The amazing real estate market that the Sunshine State offers has been attracting New Yorkers for a while now. The real estate market has created two main reasons why New Yorkers move to Florida.

Firstly, Florida real estate is way more affordable than New York real estate. New Yorkers have realized they can save hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, by buying a home in Florida and moving here. And secondly, housing options in Florida are very different from those in New York. Unlike small apartments commonly found in very urban areas, Florida offers spacious real estate in friendly communities, and you can usually find a home with a great view as well. If you manage to get in touch with the right real estate agent, finding a good home in Florida for a great price will be much easier than in New York.

The weather

Let’s be honest; one of the biggest reasons why New Yorkers move to Florida is the weather. A wonderful refreshment from the cold winters, and all too common rain in New York, is the endless summer of Florida. Florida has around 250 sunny days per year on average. And even when it’s not sunny, the weather is generally stable and enjoyable.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you should throw away all of your coats when you move here. It can sometimes get relatively chilly. A great piece of advice from experts from teddymoving.com is to rent a self-storage unit where you can keep everything you don’t need for the majority of the year and then just take it out when you do. This is a fairly common practice in Florida, especially for those who like to vacation in areas with colder weather.

The Florida lifestyle

The lifestyle in parts of Florida, like Sarasota County, is completely different from the lifestyle in New York. There are plenty of reasons why a New Yorker would love living in a place like this. Since the weather is generally always nice and sunny in Florida, it opens up the opportunity to spend more time outside. You can visit Florida’s beautiful beaches as often as you like. You can implement exercising outdoors into your daily routine. And it’s much easier to host a barbecue when you know it’s going to be sunny every day.

Aside from lifestyle changes that come with favorable weather, Floridians are generally a lot more laid-back. You can find a welcoming, friendly community wherever you go in Florida. And socializing is a lot easier since is so much you can do here. From fun events and vibrant nightlife to fantastic eateries and shops, there’s always a fun way to spend your free time and meet new friends in Florida.

Most New Yorkers who move to Florida tend to purchase single-family homes in suburban areas—and for a good reason. Suburban towns in Florida offer a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle while also being close to business hubs, such as Orlando and Miami.

To wrap up

Florida is a wonderful place for anyone to live in. However, in the past two years, it has become especially popular with New Yorkers. As you can see, there are many reasons why New Yorkers move to Florida. From friendlier communities and a healthier lifestyle to nicer weather patterns, there’s something to attract anyone to the Floridian life. And, of course, there is a huge difference between financial life in New York and Florida. With a more favorable real estate market, no personal state tax, and more job opportunities, Florida is a clear choice for many New Yorkers. If you are planning to take the leap and move from New York to Florida soon, we hope this article will help you do it with as much information as possible.