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Buying vs building a home in Florida

Buying a home is the most exciting time in a person’s life, especially if the location is sunny Florida. And now is the perfect moment to purchase, as the real estate market has a lot to offer for people looking to relocate to this beautiful state. However, the question always arises if you should decide on buying vs building a home in Florida. As both choices have benefits and disadvantages, it might be hard to determine what is best for you. Here is everything you need to know to make the best choice for yourself and your family.

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Advantages of buying a home

When buying a home, the most significant benefit is that it is finished and ready to move in. The only waiting time is finding the one you like in a suitable neighborhood. A reliable agent should walk you through the property so you can see what you are getting and where you can make improvements. A seasoned real estate agent will also ensure you get the best deal.

Another advantage of purchasing a home is that the owners are right there, and you can ask them about the history and the state of the property. It is essential to be informed so you can add the cost of renovation into the overall price of the home.

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Buying a home is a perfect solution if you wish to move in immediately and not wait for one to be built.

Advantages of building a home

If you spent years dreaming about your future home and have the details all figured out, then between buying vs building a home in Florida, the former is the right choice for you. All the little details that you might not be able to do on a finished home you can put into the construction plans when building one. So, why not sell your US property, start from scratch and make the house of your dreams? From the color of the walls to the size of the windows, it is all up to you. Additionally, all the appliances you buy will be brand new, and under warranty, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking down. Likewise, in today’s age, building laws govern that all homes must be constructed using energy-efficient materials. Thus not only will you be a proud owner of a green property, but you will also save a ton of money on utility bills.


Prepare for relocation to Florida

Even if you cannot wait to enjoy the beaches, there are a few things you need to do before you move to Florida. One way to make sure this relocation goes smoothly is by devising a good plan. If you jump straight into it without one, you might end up making mistakes that can delay your move and cost you money and energy.

Firstly, calculate the relocation costs and ensure you have a budget that covers them. Next, declutter your home as much as possible because it will be easier to transport everything with fewer belongings. If there are items you want to keep, you can always put them in storage. The rest you can donate or sell. Once you are done, make a detailed inventory of everything going to Florida with you and hire reputable movers.

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Finding a good moving company is a must when relocating. Alt tag: A man and woman looking at a laptop.


When deciding between buying vs building a home in Florida, time is the biggest issue

When you purchase an existing home, you simply get the keys and move in. It might sound like a simple process, but it can take up to a few months as you will be bidding against other buyers. Especially if you are navigating a long-distance house hunt in Florida because you might not be able to react fast enough.


On the other hand, when building a house, many factors influence how long it might take. The bad weather and delays with receiving building materials and permits are the biggest issue. Be prepared to wait around seven months for it to be finished. Sadly, that means you will be financing two homes at the same time.


What is cheaper?

Building a new house might look cheaper as the prices range from $250.000 to $350.000. However, there are additional costs that raise the end sum to a hefty amount. You will need to purchase the land, and the price will depend on the size and location. Additionally, you need to add the cost of building permits, inspections, construction firms, materials, interior decoration, plumbing, and electricity. Not to mention that you should expect unforeseen expenses during the construction.


Ultimately buying a finished home is cheaper. Of course, it still depends on location, size, and the overall state of the property, but the average price is around $250.000. You will also need to add the mortgage rates that are between 2% and 5%, the down payment, and the agent’s rates.

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Do not forget to put all the costs of buying vs building a home in Florida on paper before you decide.


The choice between buying vs building a home in Florida depends on what your needs are

Both choices have positive and negative sides, and ultimately, you should choose the one you think is worth it. If you cannot wait for months for a home to be built, purchase a property that is closest to fulfilling all your requirements. However, if you do not wish to compromise and know what you want, choosing between buying vs building a home in Florida is simple. Sure, starting construction from scratch will require time and money, but there is nothing more satisfying than watching it all come to life. So do not make a rash decision and instead take some time to consider which option will benefit you most in the long run.